Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

Why would you want to return this stuff? Please make sure you order the right size and know for sure you want it.  Honestly, we aren't planning on spending a lot of our time managing this online store, it's a bit of an experiment to see how it works and provide an avenue for people that ask to buy things.  Generally speaking we're not going to allow returns, if you feel like you have a special situation you'd like to explain then email us.  We're human and trying to be reasonable.


We are willing to ship but would prefer you just pop over to our shop and pick up your purchases.  If you are out of town then we'll ship, but it might take a few days to find a box and figure out how to ship it.  Once we get really good at shipping we'll edit this and make it sound like we're a big time online marketplace and have been doing this forever.  Not there yet.